International Transport Forum - 2014 annual summit Transport for a Changing World | 21-23 may 2014 - Leipsig, Germany | France presidency
Martin Matthews
Chief Executive
Ministry of Transport, New Zealand
Do mega-ships need mega-ports?
12:45 - 14:15Friday, 29 May 2015

Martin Matthews became Chief Executive for the New Zealand Ministry of Transport in 2008. He brings extensive experience in government, public policy and monitoring, having spent 10 years as Chief Executive at the Ministry for Culture and Heritage immediately before joining the Ministry of Transport. At the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, Matthews was responsible for overseeing the funding and accountability for 18 Crown entities, Crown companies and Non-Governmental Organisations. He was also responsible for leading a series of nationally significant initiatives, including the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior, the New Zealand Memorial in London, the development of Te Ara (the online encyclopedia of New Zealand) and the transition to digital free-to-air broadcasting.